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02. Tiny SWIPERS
You create them, you tell them

Tiny Swipers is a TRANSMEDIA EXPERIENCE consisting of an app, a notebook and an album full of activities to help you become a great creator, reader and writer.

Niña jugando a Tiny Swipers
Niño jugando a calcar su swiper creado con la app en el bloc de dibujo
Detalle de pantalla de accesorios de la app juego Tiny Swipers
Kit creativo la fábrica de swipers legendarios formada por un bloc, un álbum creador de leyendas, pinturas y un maletín


“The simpler the toy, the more kids use their minds and imagination”

Dácil Martín. Educational Psychologist and Principal of the Montessori GC School

Tiny Swipers gives you the chance to create countless unbiased and stereotype-free worlds and stories. Soldier Princesses, winged pirates and robot-headed trees make their way through different settings, fostering the creativity of children with unexpected stories that never cease to amaze us.

The brain is exercised when

challenged to create new worlds, characters and stories.

Vocabulary acquisition

Reading is critical in order to write properly. Both skills contribute to language development and enrichment.

Thought structuring

What you are saying is just as important as how you say it.

Discover the inner world

Describing characters, envisioning scenarios, possibilities and worlds. Letting their inner world run free.

create, trace, paint and tell

The Swipers are a very entertaining and somewhat wacky bunch of characters that dwell in our imagination. They are made of three parts: head, body and legs. You know what’s awesome? Those parts are interchangeable so new Swipers and adventures can be created.

Have some fun with the app

Desing and paint with the notebook

Create stories with the album

Madre e hija jugando a Tiny Swipers juego que combina la creatividad y la imaginación a través de una app

the app

Create hundreds of legendary characters by swapping their parts with the single swipe of a finger. Add awesome accessories and backgrounds. Give them a name and create their legend. Bring them to life with the original jaw-dropping Light Box Mode.

Pantalla detalle menú app Tiny Swipers
Modo Caja de Luz en la app Tiny Swipers
Pantalla de inicio donde se muestra la selección de categorías de personajes de la app juego Tiny Swipers
Personaje creado con la App Tiny Swipers
Pantalla de ficha de personaje de la app Tiny Swipers

New Coloring Mode

Tiny Swipers is always growing and providing new creative tools. This time we add the new Coloring Mode with which you can paint your favorite characters with the Apple Pencil (iOS version) or with your finger.

Watch out! The game continues off the screen…

The Factory of Legendary Swipers is a creative kit that has everything you need to create and draw characters and tell their fantastic legends.

Imagen detalle del Kit creativo y narrativo La Fábrica de Swipers Legendarios


The link between our world and the amazingly creative world of Swipers is disappearing. Imagination is under threat. But you, dear swiprenttice, storyteller and legend spreader, you are the one who shall change the course of destiny to save us all from devastating boredom.

The Factory of Swipers is the perfect match for the Tiny Swipers app, and includes a notebook specifically designed to create the wackiest characters. Then, store your favourite creations in the Legends Album, which is packed with games and inspiration to produce the best and most diverse Swiper Legends; stickers, a paint set and a carry case to conveniently organise and transport your art.


The Legendary Notebook of Swipers is specifically designed to complement the app and create the wackiest and most entertaining characters you can imagine.

We have also included the 24 Master Swipers printed sheets with their legends. Use them as inspiration, colour them and bring them to life. 

With the notebook you will also find a set of SwiperStickers so you can complete your characters with special backgrounds. Select class, type, appearance and main features so you don’t leave behind any details when creating your characters.

Collage de imágenes del bloc de la Fábrica de Swipers Legendarios y las pegatinas
Detalle del Álbum creador de leyendas Swipers juego narrativo para niños


Together with the Legends Album, the Supreme Master of the Order of Swipers -legend keeper and spreader- shall provide you with the necessary tools to create the most incredible Swiper Legends and become a legend yourself. 

You will find activities, storytelling games and lots of tips to create awesome stories. Dive into the world of legend creation and writing.

And last but not least, the Album also includes entertaining storytelling games for you to learn how to express yourself and tell stories in front of your friends and family.

Forge a legend!


Tiny Swipers goes as far as your imagination can take you. An endless universe where apps, books, writing and reading, storytelling, toys, role-playing games and cards, are all mixed harmoniously.

Muñecos artesanales en crochet de Tiny Swipers y detalle de su creación
Imagen de prototipo de juego de rol y cartas infantil narrativo de Tiny Swipers


If you work for a publishing house, a toy company, a publisher specialized in storytelling table, role-playing or painting games, you may want to join this beautiful project and take it even further. We will be delighted to find a way together.


When you are driven by love, passion and put your experience into action, you make a difference. We take great pride in receiving recognition for the level of passion, effort and competence that define every project we have worked on.


On board the Tiny Cosmonauts Spaceship we have already enjoyed some adventures we can share in detail. Come in to find out and see if you can help us take it even further.

Imagen promocional de Tiny Trees en la que se ve a los personajes protagonistas: Cosmo y Nora, y los iconos de descarga de las stores digitales de Apple Store y Google Play
Imagen de No Juegues Conmigo, Martín afligido sentado a los pies de la mesa del profesor. Proyecto contra el Bullying y el acoso escolar


Are you interested in learning more about Swipers? Do you work for a publishing house/distributor/toy company and would like to contribute in taking Tiny Swipers even further?

We are always happy to read your comments and answer your questions.

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