Real games don’t hurt.

Cut the threads of Bullying.

Don’t Play With Me is an educational project about bullying developed for the Hospital Gregorio Marañón and Sociescuela programme.

The Socioescuela Programme is a computer application designed for Bullying prevention and intervention. It has been developed at the School of Psychology at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM). When the short film is shown in the classroom, important aspects can be worked upon, such as, peer pressure and its influence on other members of the group, factors that are present in most bullying cases taking place in the school environment. Therefore the main purpose of the film is achieved. It aims at encouraging students to individually reflect upon the issue and making sure this type of behaviour is not tolerated as a group.


Two out of every ten students are bullied worldwide, so we must take action.

This short film features the different types of roles kids play in typical bullying situations.

The moment the bully comes on scene, the atmosphere becomes bizarre, odd and wicked, somehow pervading the whole group. Despite what he comes up with, the dynamics of the game give it the appearance of being funny and innocent. But it is NOT, because actual games don’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

Eliciting reflection

The short film will be used as a tool in the classroom with lesson units to raise awareness among students about this issue.

Can you identify yourself with any of the characters?

We all have something in common with Martín, César and Alicia. There are many different factors that  may lead to you playing their roles.

Anyone can become a victim

A simple difference in appearance may result in a child or adolescent being bullied.

It’s a lot easier if we work together

Ultimately, it is the group that decides whether a bullying situation is tolerated in the classroom. If we educate to make students aware of the problem, controlling it will be much easier.

Bullying is affecting kids at much earlier ages than ever. It is defined as the physical and/or psychological harassment inflicted on a student, on a permanent basis, by his/her classmates.





*According to data from the Estudio Estatal del Convivencia y Byllying sin Fronteras National Survey

“Don´t Play with Me” is a project that will make you think about the issue and encourage you to provide assstance to those in need. The best in us has been brought out in order to complete this endeavour. We get involved in projects that promote inclusiveness, coexistence and positive values.

Strings and scissors

In the short film, scissors metaphorically represent education and awareness

about the issue.

The teacher or mentor is the guide who puts a tool at the disposal of the group in order to find a solution to a complex problem.

“He brings the scissors and places them on his desk”, therefore allowing students to ponder, discuss and decide for themselves.

The individuals have the ability to use this “tool” to make their own decisions and, this way, cut those “invisible strings” that are so damaging in terms of respect for other and harmonious coexistence in the classroom. Ultimately, it is the group that has the power to change or balance things up.


Meet the characters in our short film: Don’t Play With Me

Banner de No Juegues Conmigo cortometraje de animación que forma parte de un proyecto educativo contra el Bullying - Protagonista Martín


A future great artist. He’s an inventor, creative, shy and a little faint-hearted. He loves drawing comics about cosmonauts and trees (we will be delighted to invite him to join our team when he grows up). In our story, Martín’s character lacks confidence and social skills, or at least he experiences some difficulty displaying them. He also has low self-esteem. He gets easily distracted sometimes, and his red hair, along with those glasses strapped to his head with an elastic band, make him somewhat “different” to the others. He’s the perfect candidate to be targeted by César and his loyal friends.


He’s one of the most popular kids in school. He seems confident and self-assured. He enjoys mocking his classmates, however on most occasions his jokes aren’t funny. He
loves running things and shows great leadership skills. He usually bands with two faithful friends. He’s impetuous, and no matter how crazy an idea might seem that he will make it happen.
Even at the risk of jeopardizing the cohesion of the class. He is the creator a game called “The Mockery Show”, which involves having a cracking time by making fun of his classmates

Banner de No Juegues Conmigo cortometraje de animación que forma parte de un proyecto educativo contra el Bullying - Protagonista César
Banner de No Juegues Conmigo cortometraje de animación que forma parte de un proyecto educativo contra el Bullying - Protagonista Alicia


Alicia is an empathetic and extroverted girl. She’s well integrated with her classmates. She’s got lots of friends to play, learn and collaborate with, both in and out of school. She loves helping others, but gets carried away sometimes by games at school or influenced by certain people. However, she’s confident and assertive, and can’t stand being manipulated.

She enjoys making her own decisions Though quite open and nice, she has one shortcoming, she loves going to school. Nobody is perfect, right?


The peer group determines in most cases if a bullying situation arises or is confronted.

We are all responsible for creating a positive environment.

Let’s educate children to respect others, to be inclusive and favour peaceful coexistence in order to reduce the occurrence of bullying in our classrooms.

Banner de No Juegues Conmigo cortometraje de animación que forma parte de un proyecto educativo contra el Bullying - Clase del colegio grupo


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